The Andersson/Adamsson family in Hardin, Webster County, Iowa
3d great grandfather Anders Peter Andersson/Andrew Peter Adamson, b Apr 30, 1824
4th great grandfather Anders Adamsson/Andrew Adamson, b Dec 19, 1800
3d great grand uncle Fredrik Andersson/Adamson, b Mar 30, 1826 (Yet to be found)

The Örtengren/Johnson family
Johan Petter Örtengren, born October 14, 1825
IDA Maria Johnson, born May 25, 1862 
CARL Victor Johnson, born February 25, 1865 
Anders Gustaf, born April 2, 1867 (Yet to be found)
Augusta, born December 9, 1869 (Yet to be found)
All the children were born in Hökatorp, Edsvära, Skaraborgs län/county, Sweden.
The children began their journey to the US in the company of uncle Lars, aunt Anna and their son Nils on April 11, 1873.
They all travelled from Liverpool/Queenstown on the ship "City of Paris" and arrived in New York on April 28, 1873.
Johan Petter, returns to Sweden and shows up again on the ship "Arabic", arriving in New York on April 30, 1888.  
Especially interested in knowing what happened to Anders Gustaf and his sister Augusta, who presumably ended up in orphanages. 

Robert Kling in Texas
Especially interested in knowing more about his life in Texas and about wife Hilda, children Marion, John and Clifton.

Anders "Andy or Andrew" Fengnell
Anders was born April 20, 1842 in Årsunda, Gävleborgs län/county.
He emigrated in 1879 to the US.
On the 1910 census he is living in Coal Creek, Jefferson, Colorado, working as a hired hand. Single.
On the 1920 census he is living in Pitkin, Gunnison, Colorado. Single.

Carl August "Charles" Fengnell
Carl was born December 29, 1854 in Ålängen, Husby, Kopparbergs län/county.
He lived in Sioux, Woodbury, Iowa, US by the 1910 and 1920 Census.
Working as a carpenter.

Anna Maria Petersdotter Lust (m. Sjölander/Sjolander)
Born December 06, 1859 in Mjälaryd, Rogberga parish, Jönköpings län/county.
Anna Maria emigrates to the US in 1891. (Found)

Henny Gustafva Linnéa Fager
Born April 23, 1905 in Providence, Rhode Island, USA
Her parents returned to Sweden, but Henny remained in the US.
Interested in knowing about her life in Connecticut.
Information provided by relatives in Ct.
Interested in knowing more about Henny's aunt Emma Josefina Fager

Emilia Maria Johansdotter
Born Oct 3, 1852 in Kungslena, Skaraborgs län/county.
Emilia Maria emigrates to the US in 1881. Possibly living in Chicago.

Hilma Amalia Johansson (married Malm)
Born Nov 1, 1878 in Kungslena, Skaraborgs län/county.
Hilma Amalia emigrates to Grand Forks, BC, Canada on April 6, 1912.

Tekla Maria Ört
Born June 2, 1893 in Edsvära, Skaraborgs län/county.
Tekla emigrates to "Gowrie, Iowa, USA" on May 31, 1912.
According to emigration records going to visit "cousin Albert Anderson".

A few other emigrants:
Johannes Svensson/aka John Johnson, b Apr 16, 1840. Emigrated with his family to Chicago, Illinois.
Anders Olofsson/Andrew Oloffson, b Sep 23, 1831. Emigrated with father, stepmother and siblings to Illinois.
Emma Kristina Frick
The Fredriksson siblings from Valstad
Alma Cecilia Andersson
Oskar Filippus Andersson
Alma Olivia Johansdotter/Nelson
Augusta Herida Johansdotter/Brandt
Sjedin families in Illinois
Selma Albertina Svensdotter
Gillis Johan Reinhold Svensson
Lindblom families, Ca & Mn
Brothers: Jonas Zakarias, Olof Axel, Sven Johan & Olof Arvid Björkman
Hans Evert Grankvist
Adolf Fredrik Larsson
Siblings: Anna Elisabeth & Fritz Hjalmar Johansson & Maria Charlotta & Aron Linus Karlsson
Anna Charlotta Carlsdotter
Ida Amalia Fredriksson/Lundin

and then some...